uFinz Trading Simulator and Equity Curve Simulator

Test your Money Management by Playing with the Trading Simulator! This trading game allows you to improve your risk management by influencing the portion of capital you risk. You will thus learn by playing the usefulness of properly gauging your risk and having solid money management with this equity curve simulator. Simply choose the portion of capital you wish to risk below:

Number of Trades0
Outcome of the TradePlease select your Risk with one of the Buttons above...
Equity Curve uFinz.com
Risk (%)0%
Risk ($)0$
Profit or Loss0$
Consecutive Wins0
Consecutive Losses0
Success Rate0%
Max Capital$1000
Max Drawdown0%
Max Perf.0%

About this Trading Simulator

Some explanations on the origin and the principle of this game: this game is freely inspired by a game created by Danny Merkel (@ChartingTrends).

Each trade has 22 outcomes. The mathematical expectation is positive, and therefore money management and chance impact your capital.

Watch out for consecutive losses and your drawdown !

12 issues make you lose x2 your risk
2 issues make you lose x5 your risk
3 issues make you win x2 your risk
2 issues make you win x3 your risk
1 issue makes you win x4 your risk
1 issue makes you win x5 your risk
1 issue makes you win x9 your risk

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